Zoë's Jerk BBQ Sauce was created 17 years ago as the spicier version for the Anything Sauce. Our customers loved both the Anything Sauce and the Jerk BBQ Sauce, but the Anything Sauce was more popular. We decided to continue working on this one for a while longer.

Zoë's Jerk BBQ Sauce was released in 2019 with a new flare... "Sauce so good, we had to Jerk it twice"

Zoë's Jerk BBQ Sauce is spicy and sweet with a unique twist. It has over 18 herbs and spices that was also designed to tastes great on Anything. It has many different levels of flavor that you'll notice at different times which makes this Sauce very unique.

Our customers call this the best Jerk Chicken Sauce ever because they can taste the flavors of the Sauce.