Zoe's Anything Seasoning

Zoe's Anything Seasoning is a spicy new addition to Zoe's Sauce line, though it is not a sauce. Zoe's Seasoning has over 9 different peppers mixed with several herbs and spices that packs a punch... more of a punch depending on how it's used - the heat level increases when it is heated.

This seasoning is great as a rub, as an extra spice to a dish, and it can be added to soups, chilis, and sauces to increase the heat. You can really taste the wonderful flavors when it's sprinkled on steamed broccoli.


Due to unforeseen circumstances with Covid-19, our production warehouse is out of product and we can not produce more until we can procure all of our ingredients to accurately produce our great tasting products that you have come to love. Thank you for patience and understanding. 

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